Dancing Dots Publishes
An Introduction to Music for the Blind Student:
A Course in Braille Music Reading

"Learning and teaching braille music is doable and rewarding for those who need it! Give me five minutes and Iíll show you."

Dear students, teachers and lovers of music,

When I made this statement to Cecelia at a recent braille literacy conference, she was disbelieving.

Within minutes, her hands were rapidly skimming the music on the braille page as she was singing "Do, re, mi Ė 1,2,3" and the melody that followed. On the verge of tears, she could not contain her smile.

"Iíve believed I could learn this my whole life, but Iíve met with only discouragement, especially from my choir director. Now I can finally learn the music Iíve been missing, with this course."

Ceceliaís frustration may sound familiar to you as a music lover or a braille teacher.

Neither frustration nor fear need to keep you from sharing the world of music with someone who longs for music anymore.

If you can find middle C on the piano, you can teach a blind person to read braille music using this new course.

Are you a parent, educator or counselor for a blind individual who wants more opportunities for:

Do you serve a blind musician seeking opportunities for literacy, independence and self-expression?

We drew on over 40 years of specialized braille music teaching to bring you this braille music course. It is our mission to provide blind people with the tools to study and enjoy music.

As a blind musician, I know the challenge of finding a teacher who can teach music braille.

For over 11 years, Dancing Dots has been the bridge between music and technology for the blind and visually impaired.

And we are as determined as ever!

Every blind student or professional should have the opportunity to have music at their fingertips. Nobody should feel left out of a schoolís music program, choir or any situation where printed music is available.

So we invite you to learn more. Listen to some teachers and students who have used Dancing Dotsí Braille Music Reading Course (see below).

We hope youíll give someone the gift of music today by calling Dancing Dots for your Braille Music Reading Course.

Bill McCann

Founder & President, Dancing Dots

"I was surprised to find that I could easily grasp concepts from the book. I was learning braille music faster than I ever thought possible!"

Shea Bates, student of An Introduction to Braille Music for the Blind Student.


from Dancing Dots, Inc. Ö Where Music Meets Technology For The Blind

An Introduction to Music for the Blind Student

A Course in Braille Music Reading **

Educators need no prior experience with braille to teach and learn braille music!


More impressions of An Introduction to Music for the Blind Student:

"I have used Richard Taeschís Braille music course with several students with great success. Sighted teachers, who are not Braille literate, can now guide blind students in their musical education. In the process, both the student and the teacher learn the Braille music code. I highly recommend this extremely valuable tool."

David Simpson, Music Educator, Braille Institute of America

"Richard, you have hit the jackpot! ...This looks like a real winner. The copy is clear and clean and very accessible. I'm really excited and grateful that kids will get this kind of help with their music."

Bettye Krolick, Music Braille Consultant, Colorado

"By setting high yet realistic expectations, Taesch has demonstrated that with proper instruction, blind musicians can and do perform at levels equal, if not sometimes exceeding, those of their sighted counterparts."

Stephanie Pieck, Certified Braille Music Instructor, Guilderland Center, New York


A life changing course:

Total of seven volumes in print and braille for $249.

** Written by Richard Taesch: 1. Director of Braille Music Division, Southern California Conservatory of Music 2. Library of Congress certified music and literary braillist. 3. Founder of the Music Education Network for the Visually Impaired

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"This course is not necessarily intended as a self-guided study of braille music reading basics. It can, however, be adapted to situation where a teacher may not be available." Richard Taesch, Author of an Introduction to Braille Music.

Open the Doors to a New World of Music Literacy and Independence for a Blind Person Today

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