Using MultiRes with CakeTalking and Sibelius Speaking

If you use Sibelius 3 with the Sibelius Speaking scripts, and you are also using Cakewalk SONAR with the Cake Talking scripts, you may notice a discrepancy in the required display settings for running both of these packages. Cake talking for Sonar must run at a color bit depth of 32-bit while the Sibelius Speaking scripts must run at 16-bit. It is likely that you will need to run different versions of JAWS as well.

Going into the windows control panel display settings to change your screen resolution and unloading and reloading Jaws every time you want to change from one application to another isn't very practical. One solution to this problem is a very simple freeware utility called multires, which we are making available here on the Dancing Dots website. Multires makes it possible to change screen resolution settings through some simple DOS commands. The commands that will change your screen resolution appropriately are included in a Dos batch file, which will automatically execute when you start Sonar. This file, along with several others, will be included in, which can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.

The following information is provided as a service by Dancing Dots. We will not provide any further technical support on the MultiRes freeware cited below and make no guarantees as to its usefulness on your own system. The software is manufactured by a third party. You use it at your own risk. Please contact the manufacturer with any questions about MultiRes.

To install Multires and the other necessary files that will automate the process of changing your screen resolution settings, download multires by right-clicking here. JAWS users will route the JAWS to PC cursor and then press the star (asterisk) key on the numpad. Down arrow to "Save Target As" and press ENTER. Save it in a location on your hard drive that you can find easily. Then, open the readme.txt file found in the "drivers" folder and follow the installation instructions carefully.

Please note that the instructions in the included readme file assume that you are comfortable with basic file management procedures in windows, including copying files to specific folders and changing the target path in desktop or start menu shortcuts. If you are unfamiliar or uncomfortable performing these tasks, you may want to enlist the help of a more experienced computer user or technician. Dancing Dots is not responsible for any problems that may result from improper installation of this package.

Last revised Sep. 5, 2007.